I can't publish my ride :

This is probably because you have to complete all the mandatory fields before you can publish an offer. You need to state departure and arrival cities (specifying the exact locations, e.g. street name), the number of available seats and the date and time of your departure. These are all important pieces of information about your journey, and you cannot plan a ride share without them!

I've published my ride but I can't see it :

If you have published your offer but cannot find it in the search results, there are several possible explanations:

  • It could be that your ride does not appear in the first set of search results, but that it does appear in the following pages. This is because the results are arranged by the time of departure, so could mean that other rides appear higher up in the list. 
  • If you can't see your ride at all in the search results, please check the details in your account under 'My Offered Rides" : in order to make sure there is not a mistake in your itinerary.
  • In case you still face any issue please feel free to get in touch with our customer support team by simply tapping on the conversation icon on the top right corner in the customer support section.